Kudzai Mukaratirwa is a Zimbabwean national, and has worked on youth development programs in East Africa, Qatar, Afghanistan, and also on larger international projects. He is currently the Director of Online Model United Nations, a global debate platform developed to create open accessibility to MUN enthusiasts, and has overseen a global team of university and high school students in running that program. He was the originator and principal organizer of a recent Blue Heart, anti-trafficking campaign, bringing together various stakeholders including UNODC’s regional East Africa office. He has presented his work on numerous occasions at the Qatar Leadership Conference, where he was both a featured international presenter and moderator. He is a skilled presenter, having shared the work of OMUN at the Education for Justice Expert Group Meeting in Vienna in 2017. As a member of the MUN Impact Advisory Board he has been a champion for youth rights and their active participation in addressing issues of gender inequality, social justice, economic development.



The reason why I am interested in international relations, traveling and working with different governmental and non-governmental organizations is that I moved a lot and in that way, I was exposed to different cultures and surroundings. I was born on October 31st, 2000 in Subotica, Serbia. Being a member and a mentor of my school"s debate and MUN club improved my skills as both speaker and listener. Being a member of the European Youth Parliament of Croatia showed me how working with young and ambitious individuals is enriching and how does it feel to leave the real impact. I am beyond excited to work on Impact Summit 2019 and I hope it will lead to change and improvement at all levels! 



A man of many literary interests, a student of commerce, accounts, and comparative religion. A verbose poet, he is well known for his fixation with monarchies and European and pan-Indian literature; a gourmet who has found numerous alternatives to keep with his Jain diet, he is just the person one needs to choose dessert. Always up for debating and discussing philosophical questions, he often presents the oddest of ideas, much to everyone's amusement. After having chaired quite a few MUNs in India, Parshva now looks forward to visiting Prague to chair a committee and keep all his delegates fascinated and actively engaged.



Julie Jirásková has been part of the organization team of PORGMUN since the year 2017 and now is the head of the approval panel for the second year. She has participated in a few MUNs and is highly interested in the education of young women and gender equality. As far as the chairing experiences go, she chaired during the Impact Summit 2018. Julie Jirásková is extensively interested in medical studies, which is interconnected with the education of youth and helping people in areas where the help is needed.



Pelumi Fadare is a 23-year-old Nigerian born Spanish entrepreneur. She co-founded ApplicAid, an online platform that helps students in need of guidance and financial support when applying for educational opportunities, through pairing them with experienced mentors that will give them one-on-one personalized assistance during their application process and significantly increase their chances of success. Ms. Fadare also created a YouTube channel, called Ninjanspiration, devoted to providing youths with educational funded opportunities, such as international conferences and study abroad programs.  One of her life purposes is to serve as a cultural bridge that links people of different languages and values. Therefore, after her Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting at Pompeu Fabra University in Spain and two Erasmus Programs in Intercultural Studies (Germany and Austria), she interned in European Projects and International Relations with Catalan Tourist Board (CTB), under the Spanish Ministry of Business and Enterprise. She also completed my Master’s degree in Business  Management at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and now undergoing a Master´s  in Social Media Strategy and Management. She has lived in 10 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas (thanks to various study grants and scholarships). I am fluent in 8 languages, four of them are her mother tongue (Yoruba, English, Spanish and Catalan) and have mastered German, French, Arabic and Italian, and now completing a Chinese Intensive Language and Culture Program at the National Taipei University of Education in Taiwan.



Karolína Singerová has been an avid MUNer since 2015, taking a part in numerous conferences across Europe. She has been a part of the organization team of PORGMUN for the past two years, being a co-head of the Admin team last year and currently being the head of Social Events. She believes that to achieve gender equality, both victim blaming and victim creating must be stopped, as it leads to trigger culture and doesn't deliver on its goals of equality. Karolína also believes that any and all laws protecting gender inequality should be amended. In today's society a discussion is needed, therefore she is looking forward to seeing you in committee 1 at Impact Summit.



Dominik Porvažník is Youth Delegate of Slovakia to the United Nations. He is a student of International Relations Master’s program at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. He studied also in Italy and in the United States of America. He served at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Office of the President of the Slovak Republic, Representation of the European Commission and Center for European Policy Analysis. Currently he is engaged in two projects. First is Visegrad for Sustainable Development Goals – V4SDG. Which is a platform organizing intergenerational forums in every capital city of Visegrad Group member state (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovak Republic) bringing together agents of change from public and private sector, NGOs, Academia and Youth organizations dealing with SDGs. The second project is called “Zvol si info“ (Choose the information) which is focusing on improving of media literacy and countering fake news in Slovakia and Czech Republic through lectures for students at primary and secondary schools. Dominik is fluent in English, French, Italian, Slovak, Hungarian and Czech, he also understands Polish, Spanish and Russian. He believes that quality education is the cornerstone for fulfillment of all the SDGs.



My name is Sanduni Mudiyanse and I am a third-year Politics student studying in Oxford. As an aspiring diplomat and Politics reader, every conference has been a crucial opportunity in my life. I have been doing MUN for the past 8 years and have participated in MUNs in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, andAmerica. I believe MUN creates the perfect platform for the youth to use their voice as global change makers and I believe Prague Impact Summit will play a brilliant role in providing that platform for their participants.



My name is Charles Alexandre Frei. I am 23 years old and I recently graduated from the University of Geneva, completing a master in international relations. I am very passionate by everything that law, politics, international relations, and international disputes settlement. I know languages such as French, English, German, Italian, and Spanish. I have been for 6 months the intern of the European Mission to the World Trade Organization.

I have two experiences with regards to MUNs. The first one happened in Australia and was a mix between a MUN and a crisis resolution model. The second one is in Geneva. I was the secretary to the cultural events in that particular MUN. I am very motivated to make your MUN experience the most rewarding and lessons-teaching you will have in your MUN career.