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About Us

Impact Summit


Impact Summit Organization and leadership team is a newly established organization which aims to raise the awareness about all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (2030 Agenda) in less economically developed countries by involving local students and volunteers in establishing a local Impact Summit Conference. Impact Summit Team based in Prague supervises the work done by local representatives and encourages people to participate and attend.

Save Education NGO


Save Education strives and endeavors to empower both youth and adults, so that they can unearth their great potentials, and become disciplined, useful and impactful entrepreneurs and citizens.  We have as our motto "Teach a Man How to Fish", and we have developed programmes and training exercises based on this idea.  Save Education aims to cater to the needs of youths and adults in schools and around Liberia by enhancing their sense of ownership through entrepreneurship, thus enabling them to actively participate in the rebuilding process we find ourselves nowadays, as a Nation.

Debbah Greene


I am Debbah Greene, the president and CEO of Save Education, a nonprofit organization that strives and endeavours to empower both youth and adults, so that they can unearth their great potentials, and become disciplined, useful and impactful entrepreneurs and citizens, and local Impact Summit director.  I believe in sharing ideas and connecting with others young people around the the world. My experience from those conferences have taught me how to become a mentor and I have applied those knowledge directly to my work with in my community. I believe that attending this conference will widening my knowledge and experience, that I will continue to play a greater role with in the education sector of Liberia.


5th SDG

Every single continent, Every single nation, Every single industry, Every single individual suffer from being treated differently than others, especially when considering this issue from a gender view. In recent years Gender Equality has made a huge leap forward, however, the question is, are we at the level where we would like to be? Simply NO  

Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right but a vital mean of a peaceful and sustainable society. According to research which has been made by the United Nations, at the current time, 1 in 5 women and girls between the ages of 15-49 have been experiencing physical or sexual violence by a trustful partner within a 12-month period. At the moment almost 50 countries have no laws which would protect women and young girls from constantly occurring abuse and in many countries when women report that she has been raped, she is the one that is considered to blame. Why? Because there is no law or no authority to protect her from harm. When raped, women are rather banished from their society than offered help. This is the reason why we, future generation, must act.


African Youth Impact Summit Program

African Youth Impact Summit Program is not just a conference but a week long program which will educate students about gender equality all over Liberia through collaboration with local schools and NGOs. During the conference Students and Leaders will interact and share ideas about possible impact in their respective regions and ways to implement the impact. All participants will have the possibility to be part of high-level debates and meet political leaders from all around the world through key Note speeches and diverse workshops. Moreover, all participants will acquire knowledge not only about the 5th Sustainable Development Goal but all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The summit will raise awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals as well as about organizations that work to achieve them and get closer to the 2030 vision. Prior the conference members of the African Youth Impact Summit Team comprised from international speakers and local representatives will visit schools all over the country to educate youth and  students about the Impact Summit Organization and about the work of United Nations and Gender Equality as a whole. During the school visits students will participate in two entertaining workshops, which will help them to become future leaders. 

Why Liberia?


The only thing that can destroy a beautiful country with a rich culture and history is a civil war. Liberia has suffered from two civil wars recently as the last one was in a period from 1999 to 2003. The Second Liberian Civil War took the lives of 200 000 people and produced over one million refugees. During this period of time students suffered to a large extent and lost the motivation to take their opportunities and engage in leadership activities. ITS TIME TO STOP THAT! Impact Summit aims to encourage students all across the country that they have the same rights as students from all over the world and they can pursue their dreams and goals.