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About the program

 Impact Summit Funding Program is a brand new and groundbreaking initiative launched by Impact Summit Organization in order to connect students from all over the world and support Impact Summit Programs in less economically developed countries. Throughout collective funding students in third world countries will have the possibility to organize and lead an Impact Summit Event which will not only give them the opportunity to acquire leadership skills but it will also gap the inequality between opportunities offered to students in less economically developed countries and in more economically developed countries. By donating only 1$ to students you can significantly help our cause and give hope to thousands of students who due to poor living conditions and poverty cannot support themselves in establishing event by their own. Below you can find a list of events which you can financially support and in order to be part of the Impact Summit Funding Program please carefully read through the following steps:

1. Scroll down and select an event which you would like to financially support 

2. After clicking on the selected event you will see information about the event as well as the organizing team. At the bottom you will find a list of things which are needed for the success of the event.

3. Right next to each of them will be total amount of money which is necessary to raise and a bar which will indicate how much money has been raised up till this point.

4. By clicking on the donate button you will be redirected to the contact section where you will fill in a short form and note the amount of money you are willing to donate.

5. Then you will receive an email with the additional information concerning the payment. 

5. After the successful transfer you will receive an email with a document which will serve as a receipt of your transaction. Furthermore you will be informed about the event in our monthly newsletters and you will received a special certificate as an appreciation gift from the entire Impact Summit Community.

African Youth Impact Summit

The African Youth Impact Summit is an event that aims to bring together inspirational leaders from all around the world, connect them with motivated students by hosting workshops and socials. The aim is to raise awareness about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on Goal 5- Gender Equality.