About the conference

Impact Summit Leadership Conference (ISLC) is a unique conference which will be held in Prague, the Czech Republic from 12th to 19th of July. This event will be held for the first time in the Czech Republic and will provide for students a platform to speak with United Nations representatives through interactive workshops and get to know a local culture through our cultural program. The theme of the conference will be Student Leadership and Initiatives and throughout the 7 days students will learn about Sustainable Development Goals, current student Initiatives and NGOs which work with students in both more and less economically developed countries. All workshops will be delivered by excellent speakers from all around the world and with the Collaboration of AlQasemi Academy, Impact Summit will provide an opportunity for all students to express their opinion on very urgent world issues. The 7-day conference is composed of the following:  

• 16 interactive workshops which will be led by both national and international speakers from various fields such as politics, economy, history and many more  

• Debate with a United Nations expert about the 16th Sustainable Development Goal: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions  

• Workshop with a United Nations expert on the importance of Sustainable Development Goals in the world 

• Short MUN style debate in smaller committees 

• Impact Summit presentation about its youth initiative in Liberia 

• Establishment of Youth Initiatives program