Cyprus is an island with weather largely controlled by its geographic position and the two mountain masses of the Troodos and the Kyrenia or Beshparmak mountains. In general, winters are wet and mild with the first rains usually falling in October and hopefully continuing into April. The daytime temperatures range between 6C on a cloudy day to 18C when the sun shines and it does almost every day. April May and June are the greenest months with bright displays of wildflowers. July, August are hot and humid with high temperatures of 40C plus and little relief at night. The humidity starts to drop in September and the days are still hot.


The language spoken in North Cyprus is Turkish, however many of the older Cypriots will speak English and are proud of the fact that they can. Hotel staff will usually speak a certain amount of English and are always happy to improve it. Visitors that attempt some Turkish, even if only to say Please(Lutfen), Thank you (Tessurker Ederiz) and Hello (Merhaba) will be rewarded with a beaming smile.


Kyrenia is considered the capital of tourism in Northern Cyprus, with its numerous hotels, entertainment facilities, vibrant nightlife and shopping areas. In 2012, 62.7% of the visitors in Northern Cyprus stayed in the Girne District during their visit. Out of the 145 hotels in Northern Cyprus, 99 were in the Girne District in 2013.