Block 1

Dr. Haneen Majadly

Social justice workshop: 

How we can change our future?

In this workshop we will  learn about the problems that dramatically impact quality of life for certain populations, and how people have worked to solve those problems.

Albert Oliva

17 Sustainable Development Goals Workshop. In this workshop students will learn more details about the Sustainable Development Goals and through fun and interactive activities they will learn their implementation in nowadays world

Salam Kedan

What is a Model United Nations Conference. In this workshop you will learn about the procedure of such conferences and how you can effectively participate in them.

Block 2

Walaa Yunis

World peace workshop:

Peace for all and all for peace.

In this workshop we will adress peace as an absolute virtue, how it is presented in your country, discuss the problems preventing world peace and ways to promote it globally.

Aigerim Nogoibaeva

My name is Aigerim and I come from unique small country in Central Asia - Kyrgyzstan. I am 25 years old, have graduated National University in Kyrgyzstan in 2015. I have started my career at the age of 18 as a volunteer. Since October 2017 I live in Budapest and have visited 23 countries so far, hope to see many more. I position myself as a Global Citizen.

Salam Kedan

Mock debate in a Model United Nations style.

Block 3

Maha Abu Aqel

Effective Leadership workshop:

What is an effective leader? What are the skills of an effective leader. The methods we acquire to get active  group.

Leo Von Breithen-Thurn

HSH Prince Leo von Breithen-Thurn is very active young leader, humanist and diplomat born in Croatia. Prince Leo was Country Liaison Officer for the European Parliament in Strasbourg. In June 2014, Prince Leo was head of delegation to the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict organised by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and chaired by the Foreign Secretary William Hague and the UN Special Envoy Angelina Jolie.

Czech Government

Workshop led by Czech government representative is going to tackle the topic of the Istanbul Convention, which concerned prevention and combat of the violence against women and domestic violence. Not only does the convention talk about the “four Ps”: prevention, protection and support of victims, Prosecution of offenders and Integrated policies, it also defines terms such as: violence against women, domestic violence, gender, and gender-based violence.

Block 5

Dr. Haneen Majadly

The aim of the workshop is To empower the students to challenge racism in the communities in which they live, providing them with relevant knowledge and information to enable them to do this.

Petra Bouskova

Petra in a nutshell? Her life consists of three passions. Professional Coach and Trainer of presentation skills. She leads workshops for IT and marketing companies, and individually coaches people 1-on-1.

As a Test Manager in the biggest czech bank she plans a strategy of testing and coordinates her team within an important project. Conferences perfectly connect her passion for public speaking with a technical background. Petra is speaking as a Keynote or as regular Speaker across the whole world.

Give her a minute and she will fill you with her energy.

Jaroslav Kmet

Jaroslav Kmeť, graduated from the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra. During his professional career, he held many managerial positions in various sectors, including telecommunications, financial services and information technology. Prior to joining Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, he worked as Oracle Slovakia CEO. Currently, he serves as Director General of the Government and Public Sector IT Division – Slovakian Government CIO and as a Chairman of the NASES (National Agency for Network and Electronic Services) Supervisory Board.

block 4

Walaa Yunis

In this workshop participants will be divided into small groups each presented with an ethical delima; together they have to come up with one solution after negotiating and getting over the challengs that will be added. The team that finishes the task first wins. 

In this workshop we will learn about tolerance, accepting and team building methods.

Albert Oliva

How to establish a conference? In this workshop students will learn about the intricacies of organizing a large event for students from all around the world

Impact Summit 2019

5th Sustainable Development Goal workshop. In this workshop students will learn about Gender Equality and how is it addressed by the United Nations 

More Workshops

Valery Senichev: Block 3

Valery is a psychologist and career consultant with a focus on Future Skills and Future Jobs. He is also a co-founder & trainer of, a platform focused on training and consultancy in professional development and meaningful jobs.