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Impact Summit

Impact Summit Organization and leadership team is a newly established organization which aims to raise the awareness about all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (2030 Agenda) in less economically developed countries by involving local students and volunteers in establishing a local Impact Summit Conference. Impact Summit Team based in Prague supervises the work done by local representatives and encourages people to participate and attend. Impact Summit conference is not a regular Model United Nations Conference. It is rather a process of educating students and encouraging them to become greater and more influential leaders. Moreover the aim of the summit is to connect people together and establish connections between non-governmental organizations and student bodies.



Impact Summit Organisation aims to organise events for both high school and university students all around the world in order to address all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Our mission is to give opportunities to students from less economically developed countries to participate at our events and travel around the world to meet with people from different cultural and religious backgrounds. We have introduced a brand new structure of debating, during which students represent themselves and their respected cultures plus they can meet with UN officials and government representatives. Our mission is not to create a Model United Nation competition, but a conference where students will network with professionals and which will serve as a bridge to achieve a global awareness about the work of United Nations and all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Impact Summit helps students to realise that everybody can lead this world and become a true leader. The Summit always hosts delegates from all over the world and is special in a way that there are no barriers to entry.


Impact Summit Organisation has set a 2025 goal of hosting 100 Impact Summit Conferences all around the world with more than 1 million students attending as delegates. As an organisation and NGO we want to grow our community of Impact Summit team leaders and by this create a global awareness about our conferences and their goals. We want to increase the education availability in less economically developed countries through our projects and programs and decrease the gender equality gap, by employing same number of males and females to our leadership roles. Collaboration with the United Nations is an essential part of the Vision as well as cooperation with international media all around the world in order to reach people who think that due to lack of opportunities they cannot change things.

Core Team

Albert Oliva Director


Albert is a global change and Impact advocate who established Impact Summit conference. He managed a large organizing team and communicated with delegates from more than 55 countries of the world all across the earth. He has participated in over 17 Model United Nations Conferences either as a delegate or chair. He has partipated in MUNs in Qatar, United States of America, Israel, or United Kingdom and won both the best delegate and best chair award at local conferences. Albert never sleeps during Impact Summit preparation and tries to make everything flawless. 

Kristina Savchenko Deputy Director


 Kristina Savchenko was born in Russia later moved to the Czech Republic. Change in the environment made her more open to joining unknown projects, which brought her to the Impact Summit organization. She became a Deputy Director of the organization, which organizes conferences in Prague as well as in other countries all around the world. It allowed her to join many MUN conferences and learn more about the lives of people all around the world. So far she spoke in front of hundred of people tackling upon the importance of culture and environment in the idea of leadership. 

Salam Kedan International Director


Founder of Salam Centre for Peace. BA Graduate from the Tel Aviv University Liberal Arts international program. Major in Middle Eastern studies and took Psychology, Philosophy and Digital Communications. Seven years experience in the Model United Nations program. Have the ability to relate to a wide range of people. Create presentations, flyers and present in front of a large audience. Ambitious and willing to try and have new experiences.

Impact Summit Directors

Karen Koros Impact Summit Kenya


Karen Koros is an enthusiastic youth change-maker passionate about youth missions in changing the world.She is an avid environmentalist and a youth ambassador in Plastic Tide Turners. Her motto is making the world  go green. Also an ambassador with ConnectHer organization which aims in investing in young female leaders. Advocates for human rights and equity for all. She has attended different MUN conferences in different countries. She is a toxic worker but finds time to relax and participate in events.

Sheikh Rifath Riaz Biku Impact Summit Malaysia


Sheikh Rifath Riaz Biku is a Computer Science Student, an Entrepreneur, and a Youth activist. He has been working with many big organizations. He is the local director of the Impact Summit in South and Southeast Asia. Besides that, he is an official Youth Volunteer of United Nations (UNV), Global Youth Ambassador for TheirWorld, Director for Global Model United Nations Council Malaysia. Currently, he is also working with the International Career festival in Rome as an Ambassador Co-ordinator and Future we want MUN conference in New York as an International Ambassador. Before that, He worked for a few Commonwealth conferences, Hult Prize Foundation as a Campus Director and Core team for Regional Programs. He is also active in social activities to make a positive change in society. He loves to meet new people and keen to learn new things every day

Avenai Serutabua Impact Summit Fiji


Avenai Serutabua is a second year law student at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji and he is the Founder and President of the Unity Nabukelevu Youth club in Fiji. On top of that he is a strong supporter for gender equality and environment conservation in Fiji. He works as a Ambassador for Travel Teacher in Fiji and his aim is to empower youth to see the change in them and invest on young people lives through awareness and education on gender equality.

H.E Hassan Rengou Mfouakie Impact Summit North Cyprus


 International Goodwill Ambassador and Expert Panel on youth affairs at FAAVM is an environmental activist and humanitarian. Founder of the Association of African Future Leaders, a not for profit organization based in South Africa, Hassan has been working for the past 4 years on the youth empowerment sector. Born in Cameroon, he is a prince of the "Bamún kingdom" by right. Migrated to Cyprus where he's is studying Electrical Engineering and also following a management program in distance. Hassan's MUN journey started quite a while ago as chair. He has been invited to attend to many MUN conferences in Asia and Middle East, also as guest speaker in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Morocco. Hassan founded World Youth Summit in 2018 and so far he has succeeded in organizing and leading two editions. 

Debbah Greene Impact Summit Liberia


The president and CEO of Save Education, a nonprofit organization that strives and endeavours to empower both youth and adults, so that they can unearth their great potentials, and become disciplined, useful and impactful entrepreneurs and citizens, and local Impact Summit director. He believes in sharing ideas and connecting with others young people around the the world. His experience from those conferences have taught me how to become a mentor and he has applied those knowledge directly to his work with in my community. He believes that attending this conference will widening my knowledge and experience, that he will continue to play a greater role with in the education sector of Liberia.

Impact SDG Summit Director

Afena Atta Rudolf Impact SDG Accra Summit, Ghana


Afena-Atta Rudolf is a passion driven change maker in the social field who wants to make a big impact.As passionate about his social life career as he is, Afena-Atta Rudolf works to create a better world for the ordinary African child/youth through his RAISED Initiatives organization which is addressing SDG 04, SDG 06 and UNAI 02 . He wants to do this by raising the necessary platform for the African youth to rely on in developing himself or herself towards an empowered African society . Currently, he is a Geomatic Engineering student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi. He has as well co-founded attaMan - a social enterprise that is set to put African products on the international platform. Afena-Atta Rudolf is also the Country Director for Impact Summit, Campus Director of Millennium Fellowship - KNUST, and Continent Deputy Ambassador for International Youth Portal <<Kalinka>>.

Mohamed K. Tejan Rahman Impact SDG Freetown Summit, Sierra Leone


Suzanne Vertueuse Adou Impact SDG Abidjan Summit, Ivory Coast


I am Mrs. Suzanne adou ,I am Live in Ivory Coast, precisely in Abidjan. I obtained a Master's degree in humanitarian action from the UNESCO Chair, I like to put myself at the service of others and that's why I chose the Humanitarian Domain.

Je suis Mme Suzanne adou ,je suis

Vivre en Côte d'Ivoire précisément à Abidjan. J'ai obtenu une Maîtrise en action humanitaire de la chaire UNESCO, j'aime me mettre au service des autres et c'est pourquoi je pense que le domaine humanitaire