Impact Summit

Impact Summit Organization and leadership team is a newly established organization which aims to raise the awareness about all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (2030 Agenda) in less economically developed countries by involving local students and volunteers in establishing a local Impact Summit Conference. Impact Summit Team based in Prague supervises the work done by local representatives and encourages people to participate and attend. Impact Summit conference is not a regular Model United Nations Conference. It is rather a process of educating students and encouraging them to become greater and more influential leaders. Moreover the aim of the summit is to connect people together and establish connections between non-governmental organizations and student bodies.


Local members

Albert Oliva - Director


Albert is a global change and Impact advocate who established Impact Summit conference. He managed a large organizing team and communicated with delegates from more than 55 countries of the world all across the earth. He has participated in over 17 Model United Nations Conferences either as a delegate or chair. He has partipated in MUNs in Qatar, United States of America, Israel, or United Kingdom and won both the best delegate and best chair award at local conferences. Albert never sleeps during Impact Summit preparation and tries to make everything flawless. Coffee and chocolate is for him an essential ingredient for success plus good and friendly relationship with his colleagues.

Kristina Savchenko - Deputy Director


Kristina Savchenko is a Russian who loves DEMOCRATIC debates. She participated in multiple international MUN conferences such us CUIMUN. As a deputy director of the Impact Summit she is the one who responds to your messages any time during the day and night, thus in comparison to other human beings, she is 70% cappuccino.

Sarlota Cholevova - Communication Manager


Šarlota is in charge of communication at Impact Summit. She participated as a part of the organisation team at MUN conference five times. Her life is dependent on caffeine. And during the preparations of Impact Summit conference her life is actually at stake due to the gallons of coffee she consumes on a daily basis.

Linda Jarkovska - Communication Manager


Linda is a Czech student who will graduate next year. She grew up in Germany and therefore loves order and punctuality even though she has neither of those. Linda likes politics and history, loves coffee(breaks) and sleep – does not have enough of those. She also enjoys working on nearly impossible things; that's why doing the International Baccalaureate and the Impact Summit at the same time was her best decision ever.

Van Pham Thanh - Design Manager


Van /va:n/ is an MUN enthusiast who hasn’t been to a MUN conference yet. Looking for a way to be a part of the MUN community, she became a designer at Impact Summit. She loves beautiful design and good sleep, though it’s mostly one or the other.

Katerina Habova - Approval Manager


Hi, I am Kateřina and I am responsible for correcting all of the other team members. I have attended Impact Summit Conference last year  and I was the host of the Opening Ceremony. I always have a good mood and I am full of jokes with which I am saving the mood of others. I am looking forward to meeting you all in June.

Emily Powell - Press Manager


Emmy is a student committed to global change and development who is part American, part Czech, and part caffeine. She has participated in several MUN conferences in the past in various roles. Emmy is also an avid traveller and discoverer of new places where she can drink coffee in great amounts.

Martin Helmich - Head of Press


Hi, I am Martin and as a Head of Press, I am constantly working on making my teammates look as good as they realistically can, which sometimes could be an impossible task. I am mainly responsible for creating videos for the conference. In case you feel like any of them broke GDPR rules, forget you have ever read this bio. 

international members

Salam Kedan



Salam is a 23-year-old BA graduate of Tel Aviv University International in Liberal Arts. Salam is a Muslim Arab who grew up in a Muslim Arab town called Baqa al Gharbiyye, under the control of the Israeli government; she joined Model UN when she was 16 years old, traveling and joining many international conferences made her more aware of her identity, situation and made her a more open, curious and confident person. It also gave her hope and a passion for making a difference. Through Model UN, Salam met and created friendships with students from all around the world.

Mohammad Al Amin



Mohammad Al Amin is a Bachelor Degree student in Faculty of Economics and Management Science in the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). He is involved with several Volunteer Organizations such as COBA & OLIO in Bangladesh and Malaysia Respectively. He is also working with Future Youth Summit. 

Osama Sherzai



Hello dearests , I am Osama Sahir Sherzai , Your’s Ambassador for Impact Summit in Afghanistan , and i was a previous Delegate either but due to Visa issues i couldn’t Make it and i hope we can guarantee the visa this time , and i will be accompanying a delegation from Afghanistan to represent Afghanistan and Be among Young Leaders and very Interested to see you guys from close and Enjoy this beautiful Global Diplomacy.

Debbah Greene



I am Debbah Greene, the president and CEO of Save Education, a nonprofit organization that strives and endeavours to empower both youth and adults, so that they can unearth their great potentials, and become disciplined, useful and impactful entrepreneurs and citizens, and local Impact Summit director. I believe in sharing ideas and connecting with others young people around the the world.